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Discover Fatherland in Atlanta

Fatherland, a renowned mission- driven Afrocentric global enterprise that fosters vibrant economic, social & cultural traditions, in order to increase opportunities for Africans & African dependents.

Why Are We Here?

To promote and protect African art, culture, faith, tourism, and tradition worldwide and give a social-cultural identity to young African descents by teaching original African values aimed at a better future for the African and African descendant youth globally.

Creating global economic opportunities for African descendants and yielding significant revenue for host governments.

To become a special commission dedicated to the development of Africa through investment.

A new way to live, work and play!
Discover Fatherland Badagry Lagos
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A new way to live, work and play!
Discover Fatherland Badagry Lagos
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Fatherland is an African Creative Enterprise to fulfil millions of people’s educational, economic, recreational, and entertainment needs by being a community hub, cultural, art, faith, and tourist destination for the world.

What's happening at Fatherland

African Arts, Culture, and Heritage

The African Arts, Culture & Heritage is an excellent instrument for developing Africans and African descendants. The program will focus on opportunities, consciousness, and socio-economic
Talk Show

Ifa Spirituality & Pilgrimage Program

From February 2nd – 12th, 2023, The IFA Pilgrimage PROGRAM will take place in Nigeria. This exciting 10-day program will be bumper-packed with thrilling activities

Purchasing Villas in Fatherland Badagry

Fatherland Global Headquarters, Badagry, launches off-plan sales of Villas in the Complex overlooking the golden sands of the Atlantic Ocean front. The world class African

Join Exclusive Private Community where Culture, Heritage, Spiritual, Education, Entertainment, Investment, Business, and Social Intertwine.

Upcoming business events

Fatherland Community Networking Dinner

Fatherland Community plays a pivotal role in economic, recreational, educational, and entertainment needs by being a community hub for cultural, art, faith, and tourist. This event will take place in Lagos, Nigeria.
20 December 2022

Stakeholder Collaboration and Innovation – Atlanta

This is a single-day introductory program designed to build relationships and collaboration between a diversity of actors from private, public, and civil sectors for Atlanta's cultural and social economic development.
19 January 2023

Fatherland Arts & Culture - Online Exhibits

The Black Creative Stars will exhibit their products online on 26 April 2023. This is developed to allow budding talents to show off their unique skills at a high-profile social online event.
26 April 2023