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African Creative City

The Magic of The Fatherland African Creative City

The aim is to create the Fatherland African Creatives Cities (world-class creative and cultural place for entertainment, education, tourism, and business, an African community hub). The complexes will showcase the True African Experience and serve as fantastic, uplifting, inviting places to visit for a day and stay in on vacations and business trips. The ethos of all the friendly, helpful, professional staff working there will be to extend a happy welcoming atmosphere to families, couples, and individuals of all ages (from small children to seniors). – So much so that regularly visiting a Fatherland African Creative City will become close to people’s hearts.

African Cultural Creative Cities

The Fatherland’s goal is to create African Creative Cities (which will have a number of similarities to China Towns), in every major capital city across the world. These will be unique, innovative places where people can work, live, and play, depending on the available space in each region. The first two projects will be in Badagry, Nigeria, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Fatherland Badagry (Lagos) Africa Creative City is currently on pre-construction at Agonrin Sea Beach Badagry West LCDA, Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa. The Fatherland Badagry is a world class creative city for entertainment, education, tourism, and luxury diaspora residential villas, where you can live, work, and play in an extraordinary cutting-edge innovative, ecological, sustainable green city. African Descendants are invited to find out about an exciting life-changing opportunity to purchase a state-of-the-art, exclusive one, two, three, or four bedroom, off-plan villa or maisonette, overlooking the golden sands of the Atlantic Ocean front. – A prime location that has been named Fatherland. Our idea is simple, to link African Descendants back to their Origin.

Fatherland Arts & Culture

African culture boasts an exotic wealth of magnificent traditions & customs, phenomenon that have been born from the numerous tribes & cultures, which over time, have amalgamated to create a fascinatingly rich, diverse regional subculture. Africa’s diverse ethnic groups have distinct local customs which generate great interest for tourists. Moreover, Africa’s illustrious culture has had a significant impact on American subcultures, particularly in the fields of music, & artistic works such as textiles

“African artists praise a carved figure by saying that it “looks like a human being.” Artists seldom portray particular people, actual animals, or the actual form of invisible spirits. Rather, they aim to portray ideas about reality, spiritual or human, & express these ideas through human or animal images” [2]

Elements of African Aesthetics

African Cultural Creative Cities

Arts & Culture

To find out more about Africa’s Fantastic Arts & Culture & Popular Art Topics,