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Black Creative Stars

Black Creative Stars

Black Creative Stars is a global, altruistic, accelerator program. We are on mission to empower countless young African Descendants and African artists and creatives who excel in the field’s digital entertainment, digital marketing & new media. – Our strategy is to give budding talents the opportunity to show off their unique skills at high profile social events, & on national & global TV via the Black Creative Stars Talents Tech Program. – Thereby empowering them to gain confidence, high level recognition, establish lifelong employment, and in some cases, form their own companies, thus generating new job creation within their country.

The Black Creative Stars, accelerator, connect young black creatives with high level mentorship & cutting-edge tools, to bring out their creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship. The Black Creative Stars is an altruistic Fatherland Global and ForeMedia Group program which is aimed at empowering young African Descendants and African youngsters, with the opportunity to Learn, Create, Distribute, & Monetize Afro-centric content across the global digital entertainment landscape.

Getting Noticed by a Global Audience

The Black Creative Stars Accelerator enables willing young talents to demonstrate their entertainment skills by competing in exciting contests. – These are Live Reality TV Shows which are filmed in top locations in different states around the US. Then at the end of each year, the winners of the State contests will be eligible to appear on the globally televised Black Creative Stars Academy Awards. – A ground-breaking grand production set to rival the Oscars, since it has been placed on the list of high-profile events to showcase the best upcoming African talents in the field of Entertainment and Media.

So, Get Started

Black Creative Stars – Accelerator for Creative Actors