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Spiritual Tourism & Pilgrimage Program

Spiritual Tourism & Ifa Pilgrimage Program

Would you like to add a new dimension to your life that will give you the necessary guidance to move away from everything negative, and fulfil your happiness and destiny?

Did you know that practising the African traditional religion of Ifa can empower you to achieve your destiny, & support you on your life journey?

When you walk with your Orisa (an Orisa refers to all the deities of the Nigerian Yoruba tribe), your soul opens up, and you are endowed with an extraordinary ability to live a harmonious rewarding life under their guidance. If you would like to learn more about the wonders of Ifa, then make 2023 the year. – Fatherland Travel is delighted to be able to offer Ifa Pilgrimages close to Lagos, Nigeria, on various dates in 2023.

As UNESCO notes: “A century ago there were many sacred groves in Yorubaland: every town had one. Osun-Osogbo, in the heart of Osogbo, the capital of Osun State [which Fatherland Travel Pilgrims will be visiting], was founded 400 years ago in South-West Nigeria. It is the largest sacred grove to have survived, & one that is still revered” [1]
A well-known highly ranked priest will carry out your initiation, and you will have the support of other great people, who will help you learn about the main elements of the Ifa divination system, and the extensive studies which you may want to continue with after your great Pilgrimage.

So, Join Us to Reserve Your Place for 2023 Program

Fatherland Travel Ifa Pilgrimage