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Teaching African Culture & Tradition

Teaching African Culture & Tradition

Now with the birth of the Fatherland Initiatives around the world, millions of people will be able to see and learn about Africa’s fascinating culture and traditions. And on top of this, everyone is invited to join in the fun on full-day, afternoon, or evening, Traditional Arts & Crafts Workshops. Authentic, welcoming tutors will run these, and whether you are a beginner or intermediate, there is something for you! – What a fantastic way to socialise and meet new friends!

School Program

“The Fatherland is delighted to announce that it will partner with both non-profit & public sectors to teach African Cultural & Values at Primary & Secondary Schools around the world.”
The Fatherland is currently involved in an innovative Primary and Secondary school program, which educates African descendants and their children about Africa’s magnificent culture and excellent traditional values. This initiative has received a welcome response from various sectors of society. It seems so unfair that under the general history curriculum, African children have not been taught anything related to their African heritage, history, or culture; as a result, lack of identity becomes an issue.

Cultural and traditional teaching improves the identity and self-understanding of young people. We implement the School’s Programme, Teaching African Culture & Tradition Values, in the primary and secondary schools as an After School programme or After School Club programme. While our primary objective is to include it in the school curriculum, we target children from 9 – 16 years old.
To Find Out More About the Traditions, Cultures, & the Truly Magnificent Story of Africa – the Birthplace of the Human Race; to Apply for the School Program at Your School/College/University/Workplace; to Register Your Interest in a Workshop; or to Order an Authentic Hand-Made Sustainable Item from the Exciting Range of Africa’s Traditional Arts & Crafts,